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Powering Claims Processing with Net-Rx

Net-Rx, a member of the MHA Solution family, is at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge operational and software-driven solutions exclusively tailored for pharmacies. Their pharmacy financial experts built a dynamic platform that harnesses the power of advanced business analytics. 


The platform fuels operational excellence and optimizes financial performance across critical areas such as reconciliation, reimbursement verification, and prescription pricing. Net-Rx keeps the pharmacy updated on claims they have not reconciled, whether due to non-payment, partial payment, or payer takebacks. The system can also obtain electronic EOB files from any payer that offers them, including Medicaid.

Parkview Health Services conveyed, “Net-Rx services have been a tremendous help in creating efficiencies at Parkview. RecRx has simplified the reconciliation process and allowed our staff to focus on other important areas of our business. Net-Rx associates are friendly, knowledgeable, and a great addition to our business. I would recommend this service to any long-term Care pharmacy.”  

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