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VIDEO: How to make RDTs the easy way

Easy to Use - RDT Kit

(USP 800 Compliant)

Easily pour and evenly distribute your RDT mixture throughout the entire mold to initiate the forming process. No need to worry about filling each individual cavity separately, and there's no requirement to search for a mallet in your pharmacy toolbox. The revolutionary heat-resistant molds from TICKERWORKS utilize our exclusive pouring and distribution approach, streamlining the compounding process and significantly boosting productivity. Training is straightforward, making the creation of RDTs more exciting than ever before!

The Tamper tool smoothly glides across the mold sections, simultaneously compressing multiple rows of tablets. The resulting compounded RDT tablets are manufactured in a fraction of the time it takes traditionally, ensuring optimal uniformity of content.

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RDT Kit 1mL x100

$999.00 | Shop Now

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Included with your purchase:

- Delrin Tamper

- RDT Mold 1x100

- Spatulas (x3)

- Gloves (x1)

- Metal Tray for oven

- Silicone mat to protect the counters

- Formulas

Please remember you will need a convection oven as well as the RDT base (purchased separately).

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RDT Tamper Tool

The RDT Tamper tool is made of Delrin, an inert material compatible with most compounded APIs. The tool is non-porous, dishwasher-safe, easy-to-clean, and carries the precise weight to compress the RDTs, thus yielding consistent results. 

Tamper Spec Sheet

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Firm and Strong RDTs

The RDT Tablets practically fall off the semi-rigid food-grade silicone mold.  The making of RDTs has never been so promising and so exciting! 

Use the PCCA RDT Base, and use our formulas to make the RDT's less brittle!

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Compounding Enthusiasts

Today's pharmacists' have less time to allocate to compounding. Our team at TICKERWORKS has developed the technology to help you meet the present challenges, thus, allowing you to compound more in less time.  

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Packaging Freedom

You now have various packaging choices. No more melting in trays. From blister packs to prescription vials, your patients have preference and prescriptions protected!

(The RDTs shown were made with PCCA's RDT Base, TICKERWORKS® RDT Mold and Tamping tool.)

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