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American BioTech Supply — The Optimal Temperature You Need, the Cold Storage Brand you Trust

The NSF/ANSI 456 Standard for vaccine cold storage ensures that certified units protect pharmaceuticals at optimal temperatures, prioritizing patient safety, preventing waste, lowering energy costs, and allowing for peak delivery of vaccines.

Company Background

American BioTech Supply (ABS), a Horizon Scientific, Inc. brand, provides a full range of temperature-controlled equipment to our customers across the healthcare, laboratory and clinical research, pharmaceutical, and industrial segments. The extensive portfolio of quality products ranges from small capacity countertop refrigerators and freezers, including special purpose, application-specific models, as well as cryogenic freezers for long-term sample preservation. Ensuring customer requirements are met, all products are designed in a variety of configurations, from general purpose cold storage to medical and pharmaceutical storage with stringent temperature performance requirements. With over 25 years of experience, American BioTech Supply excels at quickly developing customer solutions at competitive price points while providing industry-leading service levels. The American BioTech Supply advantage includes a comprehensive array of products and services to meet your temperature-controlled storage needs, an industry leading warranty, a dedicated support team, and many models are available from in-stock inventory and ready to ship.

Product Overview

American BioTech Supply is an active member of the committee that developed the NSF/ANSI 456 standard, and our units incorporate the state-of-the-art technology specified by the CDC. We have the largest selection of cold storage certified to the NSF 456/ANSI standard adhering to the specifications regarding temperature consistency, unit design, and product features. Refrigerator and freezer models in compliance with this standard provide a new level of vaccine preservation, optimizing cold storage performance and maximizing safety.

ABS offers both small capacity, undercounter models, as well as large capacity, upright units that meet or exceed the NSF 456/ANSI Standard for vaccine storage. Our growing portfolio of models are tested and certified by a third-party laboratory to ensure all requirements are met. Rigorous testing covers the construction details, controller requirements, and temperature variation of each certified unit.

These premium models include user-friendly digital temperature displays for precise readings, audible and visual high/low temperature excursion alarms for added security, and self-closing doors to ensure temperature recovery after door openings. With American BioTech Supply, each vaccine dose experiences the highest level of protection providing your facility and patients with peace of mind.

Features & Options 

Compliant with the thermal performance requirements as defined in the NSF/ANSI 456 Standard for Vaccine Storage.

UL, C-UL, ETL, C-ETL Listed (either single or dual agency listings).

Various configurations available including undercounter, countertop, and large capacity upright models ranging from 1 to 49 cu. ft. to accommodate diverse facility needs.

Parametric, microprocessor temperature controller with LED display and 0.1° C resolution for superior temperature control, verification, and recovery.

High/low temperature alarms with audible and visual indicators for exceptional product security.

Utilizes EPA/SNAP compliant, hydrocarbon, natural refrigerants that are environmentally friendly and lowers energy expenses.

Temperature monitoring device included that complies with the current CDC guidelines, with three-years certification of calibration, “buffered” probe in the product simulated solution, min/max memory.°F/°C switchable, and field installable.

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