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The Essentials for Proper Disposal

The Secure a Drug product is the key to deactivating and neutralizing pharmaceutical controlled substances. This system has three easy steps for permanently removing potential threats, especially those associated with the opioid crisis.

secure a drug.png

Driven by the responsibility to keep patients and clinicians safe, the team from Daniels Health engineered an easy and responsible way to dispose of controlled substances. This device empowers healthcare professionals to care for patients and colleagues through accountable and effective discarding of harmful substances.

“Our facility uses Secure a Drug in every department, and it is ideal for quick and efficient disposal of controlled substances. Knowing that our controlled substances are being properly secured for disposal is a major relief,” said pharmacy director, Catherine White.

The features of the container entail:

• Wider opening for simple disposal.

• Proprietary charcoal formula denatures for solid and liquid waste.

• Screw-on cap for a safe leakproof lid.

• An Array of accessories for convenience and protection.

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