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Reviewing Every Penny and Pill

A 340B audit plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the 340B Drug Pricing Program at health centers and hospitals. It ensures the facility provides affordable medications to underserved populations, preventing abuse and misuse of the program.

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If auditors identify compliance issues or discrepancies during the audit, they can recommend corrective actions or sanctions to bring the entity into compliance. Non-compliance with 340B program rules can result in penalties, repayments, or even removal from the program.

Hudson Headwaters 340B conducts independent audits that involve the review of the health center’s policies and procedures, inventory management, eligibility rules, and more. An annual independent 340B audit is precisely what the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) recommends.

The audit methodology from Hudson Headway 340B mimics HRSA’s and thoroughly reviews all eligibility criteria to confirm effectiveness. They have a proprietary audit tool allowing the team to review all claims within the audit timeframe, not just samples. 

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