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Transparency and Accountability With STAQ Pharma

Having the medications for patients when they need them is essential. That’s why health systems and pharmacies turn to STAQ Pharma: they have the pharmaceutical outsourcing facility to compound and manufacture large batches—complete with the certificate of analysis.

Whether it is 30,000 pre-filled syringes or a tailored batch for one patient produced at STAQ Pharma’s cGMP-compliant 503B facility, physicians, pharmacists, and patients can trust they will receive high-quality medication.

The experts at STAQ Pharma conduct independent testing analysis to ensure stability, sterility, potency, and lack of endotoxins on every batch of compounded medication. They inspect and verify every syringe before the manufacturer delivers it to the facility. 

STAQ is committed to transparency, and its e-procurement system provides access to the production and shipping status, past order history, and other required documentation.


If your health facility has a specific need, contact STAQ to determine requirements.

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