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Control of Cleanrooms

When compounding medicine, precision is paramount – and that same exactness applies to the cleanroom. Compromising on anything less than cutting-edge technology is not acceptable when manufacturing medications for patients. What pharmacists and technicians look for is a partner who understands the intricacies of cleanroom management. That preferred partner is AirCare Automation.

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Elevate cleanroom operations with the recognized leader in cleanroom management and monitoring systems. AirCare Automation ensures all conditions are met for required cleanroom processes. Their expertise lies in crafting tailor-made solutions that transform critical environments into a powerhouse of accuracy and compliance.

The engineers designed the cutting-edge FFU (fan filter unit) controls and consoles to optimize workflows and guarantee peak performance, all while meeting USP regulations, ISO cleanroom standards, and European-based Grade A, B, C, & D standards.

Cleanroom management and monitoring isn’t truly a solution unless it’s lasting. AirCare Automation will continue support services long after you have chosen AirCare Automation as your partner.

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