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Introductory Sterile Compounding eLearning

All courses support the latest USP <795> , <797>, and <800> updates!

CriticalPoint’s Introductory Sterile Compounding eLearning offers affordable, high-quality education, giving new compounders a solid foundation with 12 hours of ACPE-accredited compounding CE.

What makes this eLearning best-in-class?

• Build your team’s sterile compounding knowledge and meet USP and regulatory requirements with courses written by compounding experts

• Schedule role-based learning pathways based on experience and needs 

• Pharmacists and technicians can use the courses to meet license renewal requirements, and become familiar with sterile compounding practices 

Access CE Organizer to track your progress toward meeting license requirements, with the ability to add completions from other providers 

Complete at your own pace that fits with schedules and budgets with online access from any device, any time 

Receive 12 hours of accredited CE, including:

• History of Sterile Compounding (1 hour of CE) 

• USP 797 Primary Engineering Controls (2 hours of CE) 

• USP 797 Secondary Engineering Controls (2 hours of CE) 

• Hand Hygiene and Garbing for Sterile Compounding (2 hours of CE) 

• Personnel Competency Testing in Aseptic Manipulation (1 hour of CE) 

• Quality Management of Sterile Compounding (1 hour of CE)

• Best Practices for USP 797 (1 hour of CE) 

• Use of Supplies and Components (1 hour of CE) 

• Aseptic Technique and Conduct for Sterile Compounding (1 hour of CE)  

Get 12 months of access for $229.

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