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What to Do if You Suspect an Employee Is Stealing Prescriptions

Discovering that an employee may be stealing prescriptions at your pharmacy is a serious and delicate situation that requires careful handling to ensure both patient safety and proper investigation. Taking the right steps is crucial to protect your patients, maintain your pharmacy’s integrity, and ensure a fair process for everyone involved. Here’s what you should do if you suspect an employee of stealing prescriptions:

Gather Information Discreetly

Before taking any action, collect as much information as possible to support your suspicions. Document any irregularities, missing prescriptions, discrepancies in inventory, or behaviors that raise concerns. Make sure to maintain confidentiality during this process.

Involve the Right People

Once you have substantial evidence or strong suspicions, involve the appropriate people. This may include your pharmacy manager, human resources department, and potentially legal counsel. It’s important to approach the situation professionally and avoid making any accusations without concrete evidence. Read more >

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