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2023 Innovations: ABS Products that Redefined the Past Year

Looking Back on 2023

What changes shaped your 2023? As our world continues to expand, and the sci-fi predictions of the past become the reality of our present, your laboratory or workplace has probably faced many changes. Perhaps the ever-growing reach of AI transformed your business, or your lab made new discoveries in scientific research. At ABS, 2023 brought a series of groundbreaking product launches to continue expanding the possibilities and capabilities of laboratory refrigeration. Come explore the products that helped reshape our 2023.

ABS Premium Lab Refrigerators and Freezers: Silence, Savings, and Precision Cooling

Let’s start with one of our snazziest launches from 2023. Lab refrigerators are useful and functional, but can they be stylish? We think so. Trading your everyday refrigerator for an ABS Premium Lab Model is like moving from a Toyota to a Lexus. These tux-and-tails models are engineered with ultra-quiet Variable Speed Compressors (VSCs), energy-efficient hydrocarbon refrigerants, and low-cost operation. Don’t settle for basic—redefine performance in your lab. Read more >

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