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GuardianRx: Where Innovation Meets Pharmacy Management

Discover GuardianRx by CarePoint—a dynamic Pharmacy Management Solution that revolutionizes the prescription delivery process for both retail and mail-order pharmacies. More than just software, it’s a complete, patient-centric experience. With built-in options for effortless customization, GuardianRx adapts seamlessly to unique workflow needs, redefining efficiency that results in:

carepoint 3.png

1) Improved Pharmacy Operations:

Staff can manage the entire GuardianRx prescription fulfillment process from one role-based configurable queue, covering inventory, dispensing, e-prescribing, adjudications, and margin tracking. The tools track patient encounters, synchronize medications, and communicate with patients.

2) Efficient Business and Financial Management:

Pharmacy operations will see improvement through tracking patient and third-party payments, accepting electronic batch payments, and ensuring accurate financials. Accounts receivables, aging, and end-of-month cycle processing integrate with external financial applications.

3) User-Friendly Information Technology:

Management will experience an easy installation and configuration of the GuardianRx applications on existing hardware or hosted environments. The system complies with government reporting, HIPAA, credit card tokenization, and security requirements.

GuardianRx is the ultimate prescription management solution tailored to the unique needs of the pharmacy.

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