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Supplies that Secure the Compounding Environment

Effective aseptic techniques begin by accurately identifying both viable and non-viable contamination. Once the source of impurity is pinpointed, Veltek Associates Inc. (VAI) offers wide-ranging supplies to combat it, including sterile chemicals, wipers, gowning, and cleanroom documentation.


VAI’s high-quality supplies achieve USP Compliance and provide patient protection. Of note, VAI offers an extensive line of EPA-registered disinfectants and sporicides called SimpleMix. This solution comprises a container system as a safe, effective way to mix a safe disinfectant formulation precisely with just a push of a cap.

VAI is a global leader in <USP 797> cleanroom operations and has obtained patents in the U.S. on its technologies. These advancements, many of them landmarks in the industry’s history, allow facilities to overcome challenges and reach their business goals.

The team at VAI achieved these innovations because they listened to customers, heard their cleanroom challenges, and developed solutions. VIA is a full-circle, single-source supplier able to address any pharmaceutical or biotechnology contamination control requirement.

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