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Smart Solutions for Improved Medication Practices

Ensuring the prompt dispensing and accurate delivery of medications is crucial for improving patient outcomes and creating a positive medication-taking experience. Whether on a large or small scale, the best automation can bolster patient safety, minimize medication waste and expenses, and allow for increased attention to the patient.

As a trusted partner, Swisslog Healthcare’s medication management solution plays an essential role in optimized workflows and enhanced safety. Their suite of automation is comprehensive and needed in pharmacies. With the  BoxPicker® Automated Pharmacy Storage System, pharmacies receive a secure, high-density, modular storage of medications.


Moreover, Swisslog Healthcare’s PillPick® Automated Packaging and Dispensing System is a completely automated solution that decreases human touches in packaging, dispensing, and returning unit-dose medications. These solutions and more packaging automation set a pharmacy apart from others. 

Albert Karas, Director Pharmacy Services Humber River Hospital, said it best, “The whole solution helps us do our jobs better; this means safety and efficiency enterprise-wide. We have a great relationship with our Swisslog Healthcare team.” 

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