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Ensuring Availability: The STAQ Pharma Advantage

Drug shortages pose a critical global health challenge, compromising patient care and treatment outcomes. Influencing factors include manufacturing issues, regulatory hurdles, supply chain disruptions, and rising demand.

Recognizing the operational challenges and patient consequences arising from medication unavailability, STAQ Pharma plays a crucial role in the pharmaceutical supply chain. 


Positioned as a leading 503B automated outsourcing facility, STAQ Pharma established a facility in Denver, Colorado, in 2019 to address heightened demand while maintaining the highest safety standards. Following this, they strategically planned a larger facility in Columbus, Ohio, spanning 225,000 square feet—ten times the size of Denver, demonstrating their proactive approach.

This readiness is why the industry views STAQ Pharma as a forward-thinking company. They back their name with their acronym every day with a commitment to Safety, Transparency, Availability, and Quality (STAQ) when manufacturing compounded medications. With its established and expanding product portfolio, it now ships to over 400 locations nationwide on a daily basis.

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