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Unit Dose Mastery: SKY’s Precision Packaging

SKY McKesson specializes in blister-format packaging tailored for hospitals, pharmacies, and long-term care facilities. Customers can find the most commonly prescribed dosages and know the strengths of 125 generic solid medications in hospital unit dose (HUD) are readily available. 


SKY continuously expands its pipeline of products, ensuring customers’ unit dose requirements are met and exceeded. Pharmaceutical purchasers will also be reassured with the following from SKY:

Product Availability in Various Doses: The products are conveniently available in 30-dose, 100-dose, and 300-dose sizes. 

Pledge to Quality and Customers: SKY Packaging places immense value on product quality and patient safety, delivering excellence in every package that reaches the facility. The team at Sky understands that staff and patients want effective, user-friendly unit dose packaging.

Advanced Quality Control Measures: SKY conducts rigorous stability testing and product monitoring. Every product comes with serialization, adding an extra layer of safety and traceability.

Unit Dose Features: Packaging includes the unit of use, FDA-compliant bar codes with 18- to 24-month dating, product uniformity, and progressive packaging designs.

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