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Mystaire | USP and USP Compliance Solutions

Latitude™ Series C Filtered Hoods 

Latitude™ Series C filtered hoods offer superior performance for particulate and vapor containment while maximizing user accessibility and incorporating redundant HEPA filters for added safety and easy maintenance. 

Standard Features: 

Saf-T-Zone™ technology allows safe HEPA filter change while hood is operational

Exhaust air is HEPA-filtered, keeping any potential particulate from returning to the room

Filter safety lockout to ensure correct filter replacement

Deep base effectively contains accidental spills with contrasting dark blue base color

Available in 48- and 72-inch widths

CleanPrep™ Plus+ Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench 

The Mystaire® CleanPrep Plus+ Horizontal laminar flow clean bench is specially designed to provide an ISO 5 particle-free clean-air environment needed for laboratory testing, sample prep and analysis, manufacturing, inspection, or pharmaceutical procedures. 

Standard Features: 

Thermally-fused polypropylene construction - Eliminates RUST

LED lighting for true illumination of work area

HEPA filtered air to ISO 5 classification

Turbulent-free horizontal laminar flow air to bathe process

Available in 48- and 72-inch widths


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