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Medication Management Software: A Prescription for Enhanced Patient Management and Efficiency

Healthcare has long been a testbed for technological advancements aimed at improving patient management through efficiencies.  Medication management software is one important tool for efficient and secure administration of medication. The latest advancements in this software domain offer user-friendly interfaces to considerably enhance medication management in healthcare settings.

TouchPoint Medical is a long-time contributor to healthcare technology, through innovations to improve pharmacy control of medication distribution and administration. Their latest platform, medLogic, is cutting-edge medication management software, offering efficient and secure administration of medication with feature-rich yet simple and effective user interfaces and system integrations.  Recent advancements in medLogic software provide intuitive, customer-driven workflows that greatly improve management of medications in healthcare environments.

The Evolution of Medication Management Software

Medication management is a multifaceted process that encompasses everything from prescribing and dispensing, to administering and tracking medications. As healthcare facilities increasingly adopt automated medication dispensing cabinets, the role of software in this realm has expanded.  Software that supports these cabinets is evolving to meet the growing complexity of healthcare delivery. Read more >

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