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ConsortiEX Customer Spotlight | Cape Cod Healthcare

Milwaukee WI -- The latest edition of our Customer Spotlight series, where we with our partners to get their first hand experiences on the impact of ConsortiEX software and services on their operations, features Jim Mangan, RPh., MBA at Cape Cod Healthcare. More specifically, we spoke with Mangan on how Assure-Trak® has been utilized across multiple sites to improve their compounding efficiencies.

Read the full transcript below:


1. Historically speaking, what is the scope of the operation at Cape Cod Healthcare (Cape Cod Hospital & Falmouth Hospital)? 

The scope is one of a small hospital system of 340 beds. We use Assure-Trak® Batch to manage all non-patient specific Compounded Sterile Preparations (CSPs); we have used it to manage quarantined product waiting for release and also use the DSCSA solution (DSCSA Compliance as a Service), with Verify on Receipt® to be implemented shortly in both the acute care and retail service lines.

2. Please explain the motivating factors leading to the partnership with ConsortiEX, to implement the Assure-Trak® Compounding Management System?

Ernest Anderson introduced us to ConsortiEX about six years ago. We had been using a competing product from another vendor that did not have the scalability, customization, or level of support that ConsortiEX provides. 

We brought on DSCSA Compliance as a Service at the same time - which has been fantastic. The products are well thought out, the implementation teams are easy to work with, and the support and follow-up after implementation has been superb. If we make recommendations to improve the software it doesn’t live on a list of things to consider, it gets acted on.

3. How has your facility used the Assure-Trak® Compounding Management System to improve operations at both Cape Cod hospital and Falmouth hospital? 

Assure-Trak® really saved us during the Opioid syringe shortages of 2018, and for batched CSPs throughout COVID.  Regardless of the product we were able to assure that a scalable and standardized process was consistently used for all CSPs. Read more >

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