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Webinar: Unpacking the SUSTAIN 340B Act: What You Need to Know

Thursday, March 21st | 11:30am - 12:00pm ET

Entities managing their 340B programs are facing significant challenges due to manufacturer exclusions, state bills, and now a federal bill that could substantially alter the 340B program. This webinar will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the new draft SUSTAIN 340B Act legislation, dissecting its contents, advantages, and disadvantages—and most importantly, how entities can voice their positions and influence this crucial bill, before the April 1st, 2024 deadline.

Key discussion points will include:

• Contract Pharmacies: The bill would codify 340B contract pharmacy arrangements and extend the statutory “must offer” requirement to 340B scripts dispensed through such entities. However, in exchange, the bill would extend certain obligations to covered entities with respect to their contract pharmacy arrangements. We’ll break this down.

• Patient Definition: One of the most contentious elements of the 340B program is the “patient” definition. The bill merely inserts a placeholder for the patient definition, without defining the term.

• Federal Level Reporting Requirement: The potential for a federal-level reporting requirement is also a topic of discussion.

• National Clearinghouse: The potential establishment of a national clearinghouse to prevent duplicate discounts.

• Commercial Insurers: The bill includes language that would prevent commercial insurers from paying reduced reimbursements for 340B scripts.

• New 340B User Fees: The bill proposes new 340B user fees to participate in the 340B program.

Who should attend:

• Covered entities in the 340B program

• Finance Directors

• Program Managers

• Pharmacy Directors

• HR Managers/Directors

• Anyone interested in learning more about the 340B program 

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