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Semi-Automated Pill Card Filling and Sealing Equipment

Reduce labor and improve workflow by implementing bulk pre-pack equipment for your high moving generics. Three levels of equipment are available: AutoFiller, AutoTrans Shuttle, and AutoTrans Conveyor. Rx Systems’ motorized AutoSealer is the fastest automated-sealer in the marketplace, providing a three-second seal. Add the AutoFiller and you have the least expensive automation for bulk pre-packing pill cards that can fill and seal up to 280 pill cards per hour, and is designed for pharmacies servicing 500-1,000 residents and pre-packing your top 20-50 generics. The AutoTrans is available in two platforms: Shuttle (ATS) and Conveyor (ATX), which can package traditional pill cards, unit dose, or OP-Series cards. The ATS is a manual filler/sealer station that can package up to 350 pill cards per hour and is ideal for pharmacies servicing 700-2,000 residents. The linear high-speed ATX peaks at 600 cards per hour, and is the only unit on the market that also applies the pre-pack label vs. doing so in a separate post-production step. ATX is designed for pharmacies servicing 1,000-5,000 residents. The AutoOpen manual heat sealer is a great entry level sealer for pharmacies servicing <500 residents. Rx Systems, Inc. is a family owned full-service provider of pharmacy packaging and supplies including Rx labels, bags, vials, and LTC packaging for community and institutional pharmacies.


Rx Systems, Inc.

121 Point West Boulevard

St. Charles, MO 63301

TOLL-FREE: 800-922-9142

PHONE: 636-925-0001

FAX: 636-925-0041

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