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VPL + HPN Supply Chain Virtual Forum: Optimizing the Critical Clinical Areas of Your Hospital [Video]

Until 2020, hospital freight management and shipping focus were on efficiency (e.g., process costs, streamlining, etc.). However, during the last two years, the focus shifted to effectiveness (e.g., receiving the necessary stuff at the right place and time).

As economic challenges continue to impact the cost and availability of critical clinical supplies, it has never been more important to align healthcare supply chain logistics with clinical care activity. Driven by the need to create real-time health systems, medical supply chain leaders are looking to innovative technologies to optimize revenue-generating areas such as elective surgery and specialty pharmacy.

During this discussion, we'll explore this potential pendulum swing from effectiveness back to efficiency and how technology plays a role.

Join us as we unpack: 

• Identifying and optimizing revenue-generating areas within your health system

• Discovering the financial and clinical value of hospital-owned specialty pharmacy

• Strategies to maximize operational and cost efficiency

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