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VPL for Pharmacy: Building Smarter Supply Chains in Healthcare

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Modernizing Rx shipping, tracking and compliance

At VPL, we understand that every specialty pharmacy’s workflow is complex and unique. Prescription software helps to automate the workflow but ignores distribution issues despite the fact there are five times more errors in distribution than in dispensing. Those distribution errors can lead to patients not getting critical meds and/or being re-admitted to the hospital.

Generic is great for drugs, but not for pharmacy software

Many specialty pharmacies have tried to solve their distribution problems using non-healthcare solutions, but because they’re fragmented, they can lead to safety concerns, visibility gaps, accreditation challenges, and out-of-control costs. VPL created a healthcare-centric, clinically minded, all-in-one platform for shipping, tracking and compliance. VPL TrajectRx™ is specifically designed to modernize outbound pharmacy operations from start to finish, with four key advantages:

• Quicker, Safer, Cost-Conscious Shipping

• Real-Time Tracking

• Proactive Shipping Intervention

• Compliance-Focused Data

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