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Head to Toe Protection with Cintas

Picture a space where every team member is protected as they manufacture compounded pharmaceuticals. Pharmacy management can offer this with Cintas’ specialized garments tailored to the unique demands of controlled environments. 

From lab coats to gowning to anti-static garments, Cintas offers comprehensive protection. But it doesn’t end there. With an assortment of hoods, goggles, boots, and shoe covers, Cintas ensures complete coverage from head to toe, leaving no aspect of protection overlooked.


Cleanroom staff will wear laundered, crisp, and comfortable workwear so they can feel protected and stay focused on getting the job done efficiently. 

The team at Cintas will work with the pharmacy management to reduce the opportunities for contamination and keep your facility stocked — with ISO-certified processing, scheduled service visits, and routine product replenishment. 

Plus, receive personalized service from your dedicated sales representative, guaranteeing a seamless experience every step of the way.

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