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Wholesale Customization for 503A and 503B

Pharma Source Direct has emerged as a game-changer in the wholesale marketplace, driven by a clear mandate to revolutionize the pharmaceutical compounding industry by offering a customized buying journey. With a powerhouse leadership team bringing over 60 years of collective industry expertise to the table, Pharma Source specializes in sourcing controlled substances and bulk chemicals. 

Whether a traditional 503A compounding pharmacy or a cutting-edge 503B outsourcing facility, Pharma Source Direct tailors solutions to specific compounding needs. Clients will receive high-quality chemicals and competitive pricing.

Pharma Source Direct operates as an FDA-registered repackager and a DEA-licensed wholesaler and importer. Their commitment to stringent compliance with cGMP/ICH Q7 standards is unwavering. pharma source direct logo.png

This wholesaler works only with FDA-registered manufacturers that undergo a rigorous supplier qualification process. Certificates of Analysis are provided for every product. Materials are repackaged in ISO 6 cleanrooms and undergo thorough quality release procedures, delivering product integrity.

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