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The Best in Blister Card Packaging

In the fast-paced world of pharmacy operations, efficiency and precision are paramount. Enter the Axial® BP-290 Blister Card Packaging Machine, a breakthrough in unit and multi-dose blister card packaging automation. This innovative system represents the next generation of pharmaceutical packaging technology, offering unparalleled capabilities to pharmacies of all sizes.

Central to the success of the Axial BP-290 is its automation features. With the ability to fill blister cards, seal lids, and assist in inspection, this machine streamlines the packaging process, making life easier for pharmacists and patients. 

Its remarkable throughput is one of the standout features of the Axial BP-290. With the capacity to package 55-60 blister cards per hour, pharmacies can experience a significant reduction in manual filling labor hours, translating to enhanced productivity and cost savings, allowing pharmacists and technicians to focus on more critical tasks.

What sets Euclid Medical Products apart is its product’s adaptability to integrate into existing operations easily, improving operations and minimizing disruptions.

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