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Accuracy When It’s Needed Most

Pharmacists hear time and time again that they want to avoid cumbersome in-house repackaging tasks. These duties are expensive and time-consuming. That’s why American Health Packaging developed a line of serialized, barcoded unit-dose products. This premier manufacturer leverages its expertise to provide trusted, needed solutions for hospitals, pharmacies, and long-term care facilities.

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Carlos Somarriba, Pharmacy buyer for the University of Miami Health System, stated, “Nothing is better than having medications ready to go. Patients don’t have to wait for meds any longer. And patient safety and satisfaction is the ultimate goal. American Health Packaging makes this happen every day.

American Health Packaging promotes positive patient outcomes with its line of barcoded products dispensed to the dose level. At the core of its mission is the realization that the physician, pharmacist, and patient can trust American Health Packaging to “get it right” with each dose. The team of engineers tests all unit dose products for stability and precision.

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