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Louisiana Critical Access Hospital Contracts With ProxsysRx For Retail Pharmacy, Additional Services

BIRMINGHAM, AL — March 28, 2024 — ProxsysRx has signed an agreement to build and own a pharmacy at St. James Parish Hospital, a critical access hospital in Lutcher, Louisiana. 

“Through our agreement with St. James, we’ll be filling a significant void in the local pharmacy infrastructure, which was created when the largest local pharmacy closed. In addition to filling that void, ProxsysRx’s pharmacy will work with St. James to better serve patients’ needs,” said ProxsysRx CEO George Salem.

“For instance, we’ll offer patients access to costly medications that the previous pharmacy couldn’t afford to stock. We’ll also offer a range of prescription-payment support services, including help for indigent patients connecting with charity care — as well as the use of our own prescription-discount card, MedServRx, for any patient paying for prescriptions with cash or credit card — instead of through insurance,” Salem added.

St. James Parish Hospital CEO Mary Ellen Pratt says the health system is thrilled by its partnership with ProxsysRx. “After the local pharmacy closed last year, community members expressed a need for additional pharmacy services to our board, staff, and physicians. As more and more people reached out to us, we realized it was our responsibility to help fill this essential healthcare service.”

The pharmacy at St. James Parish Hospital, will be ProxsysRx’s 28th hospital-based pharmacy nationwide.

About ProxsysRx 

ProxsysRx offers hospital systems proven solutions for optimizing pharmacy services’ positive impact on the continuum of care; solutions ranging from management of their “340B” prescription-savings programs, Retail and Specialty Pharmacy operations, to Prescription Benefits program management, and patient financial assistance. ProxsysRx’s services are available both on an integrated-program basis — or in individual components — and are supported by the company’s proprietary software system, which places actionable data, and business intelligence, at clients’ fingertips, in real-time. For more information, visit

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