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Liberty Software Elevates the Pharmacy Experience

Part of the care continuum occurs when patients need medications, and making that experience positive has a lasting effect on patients. Liberty Software allows the pharmacist to take care of patients like never before. Pharmacists prefer this point-of-sale system because it’s designed and supported by pharmacists. The team of pharmacists at Liberty Software understands your challenges and knows what solutions work to elevate services and operations.


This retail pharmacy platform isn’t fragmented with separate cumbersome modules. It’s a fully integrated system that takes patient care to the next level. Key features include:

• Modern payment processing

• Front-end inventory management

• Signature captures 

• Prescription filling

• Customizable workflows

• Seamless insurance adjudication 

The innovation within this platform dispels the notion that pharmacy management software must be complex. Instead, pharmacists find Liberty Software a vital, easy tool in driving profitability, enhancing patient care, and improving patient safety in retail pharmacy settings.

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