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Reducing Medication Errors at the Core of Baxter’s DoseEdge

Confirming the correct drug is administered at the appropriate time and in the precise dosage is an ongoing responsibility of pharmacists. Due to its technological advancements, compounding pharmacies consistently achieve this goal with Baxter’s DoseEDGE.

This IV workflow management system excels at providing healthcare providers with full transparency throughout the process—from when a dose enters the system to when staff delivers it on the nursing floor.


The DoseEdge system incorporates various technologies such as barcode scanning, image capturing, gravimetric verification, robotics, and electronic workflow systems. All these elements combine to improve the accuracy and efficiency of preparing compounded sterile products while mitigating risks and preventing cross-contamination.

Moreover, DoseEdge allows pharmacy verification by enabling remote access from any networked computer. The system showcases vital preparation specifics like dose calculations, product details, and compounding personnel. With comprehensive reporting and tracking, DoseEdge ensures meticulous oversight throughout the medication process, putting the pharmacy team at ease by knowing that every product leaving the pharmacy is safe.

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