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APC | The Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Foundations of Pharmacy Compounding

The first step to truly helping your patients regain or maintain their health is not your depth of understanding of chemistry or pharmaceuticals or compounding. It’s trust. We earn that trust through our actions, by consistently operating our pharmacies to the highest ethical, legal, and regulatory standards. Every day. With every prescription we fill.

Education to enhance your expertise.

To provide your team the know-how to operate at the highest ethical and legal standards, we’ve created a 15-hour online continuing education program of foundational learning for new compounders. It’s also an excellent refresher for those who’ve been in the business awhile.

The Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Foundations of Pharmacy Compounding is an ideal place to build your team’s fundamental knowledge that will help you earn and keep the trust of your patients. And because it’s a collaboration between APC, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy, and the Pharmacy Compounding Foundation, you can be confident that the modules are aimed at ensuring your compounding operation is not just compliant, but excellent.

Online. Affordable.

This is an online CE course, allowing you to complete the certificate at your own pace. It’s also priced well below most CE courses. Every pharmacist and pharmacy technician involved in compounding should earn this essential certificate. Because it’s that important.

PHARMACISTS/PHARMACY TECHNICIANS ........................ $495/ea


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