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EzriRx | Now It’s Time to Trust the Over 6,000 Pharmacies That Say…

You trusted the PBMs when they said they were on your side.

You trusted your wholesaler when they said you were getting the best deal.

You trusted your GPO when they said the power was in the GCR.

You believed your rep when they said ‘Trust the process’.

"Without EzriRx we would have been in the negative."

- Suburban Pharmacy

"EzriRx unleashes prices we never knew we could get."

- Levys Pharmacy

"With the DIR apocalypse, it’s the only way to survive."

- The Medicine Chest

"We were finally profitable on so many negative reimbursements."

- SHP Pharmacy

Friends help friends. At EzriRx we work with you, not against you.

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