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Cardinal Health | Track Your Claims in Real Time [VIDEO]

Cardinal Health™ Medical Benefit Billing enables you to bill and track your medical benefit claims in real time, giving you visibility into submissions, denials and rejections. This holistic view empowers you to expand your pharmacy capabilities. 

Gain visibility, save time, gain additional billing flexibility and real-time claim verification.

Gain visibility into all applicable medical  claims, including missing secondary claims and pre-submission edits
• Existing daily dashboard features including OrderExpress single sign-on and queues to assist with claim submission

Save time from manual medical billing processes with: 
• Automated rental and secondary claim billing
• Dedicated billing support team
• Queues and quick actions

Flexibility to bill through your pharmacy management system or directly through the online portal

Real-time claim verification with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which includes:
• Patient coverage
• Patient deductible balance

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