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PK+ MyVideoJoin | Healthcare providers and their patients can connect with a HIPPA compliant mobile application

PK+ MyVideoJoin is a private application that connects patients looking for medical assistance with their healthcare providers (doctors, nurses, or pharmacists) from the convenience of their home at any available time offering great help to patients with mobility problems.

Currently Available Features:

Video Chat

• Simply tap on your phone to accept the video call when your doctor begins the visit. • Your doctor will inquire about your medical requirements and offer suggestions, including medicines, lab tests, and referrals as necessary.

Language Translation

• Our voice transcription is powered by cutting-edge AI technology.

• Translate messages in just a few seconds and never lose track of the conversation. 

• A wide variety of voices and accents in 89+ languages.

Smart Time Zone

• Premier application on the market that solves the problem of complicated time zone.

• Drastically reduced mistakes and confusions.

Browsing Available Providers

• Choosing the right health service provider can be difficult and time-consuming. Looking for a clinic or doctor near me is an arduous task; but with MyVideoJoin you get it done in seconds!

• Customize the app for your clinic/pharmacy so your patients can book their appointment from your set schedule.

Booking Appointment System

• Select a time slot that works for you. Meet virtually whenever it suits you, even on the weekends.

Appointment Management System

• MyVideoJoin will send an appointment message with the patient's health condition and you can accept or reject or it, as needed.

• If for any reason an appointment needs to be cancelled or rescheduled, it only takes a single click to do so. The patient will be notified automatically and you'll never have to worry about whether or not they will show up again.

• All of your appointments are available in one place. So if you need to quickly check a patient's information or remind yourself about who you're seeing today.

Profile Management

• MyVideoJoin uses a patient profile management solution that handles data for patients. Manage all their medical information and demographic details in one place.

Appointment Reminder System

• Whether you're a busy professional or a family with lots on your plate, MyVideoJoin has your back. It's an intelligent reminder system that will notify you by push notifications, email, or sms when your next appointment is about to start. Or when there is a change in your appointment status. Always start your appointment from anywhere.

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