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PK+ MyPharmacyApp

Presenting PK+ My pharmacy's mobile application, your patients can order medication online from your pharmacy and have it delivered to their doorstep.

Currently Available Features:

A Complete Medication Library

• With a complete library of medication for every possible need, our goal is to provide patients with the freedom to compare the drug options they need.

• Your pharmacy offers all its products from over-the-counter medicines, to prescriptions, and even medical devices - with their NDC and Description. All ordered from patient’s home convenience.

Fully Integrated with Website

• A real-time medication checkout system with a wide range of payment options and secure delivery to select from your pharmacy.

• The application uses 256-bit encryption so you can rest assured that your information will stay private and safe with us.

Shopping Cart Management System

• The medication shopping cart helps patients keep all their medications organized, in one place.

• The Pharmacy mobile offers a solution for managing all patient’s medication needs with its powerful and easy-to-use medication shopping cart system. It’s a user-friendly online platform for managing prescriptions, medications, and health information.

Profile Management

• The Pharmacy mobile app giving patients total control over their personal profile. Patients are able to manage everything from any device or the pharmacy website. Patient profile includes: Personal and medical information, filling/refilling medications, payment methods, shipping, and delivery options.

Delivery Information Collection

• The application collects patient’s shipping information in one place. Whether patients refill their medication, or ordering for the first time, the application makes it simple to get what patients need delivered to their doorstep when they need it.

Checkout and Payment system

• It is a system that takes care of all patients’ online payment needs.

• The application offers a variety of prescription submission methods, so shopping for medications is fast and easy.

• Your Pharmacy will be able to provide patients with the most up-to-date, accurate information about their insurance deductible. and by submitting just a few details, the pharmacy can quickly help patient find the payment that's right for them.

Medical Profile Management

• Easily store all patient’s medical conditions in one place.

• Patients maintain their allergy history and update any changes every time they order. 

• Patients manage their current medications, by providing Up-to-date medication history.

Insurance Payment Management

• It gives patients peace of mind by providing a convenient and secure way to pay for their prescriptions. Patients can submit and update their insurance information, as part of their profile so that they don't have to worry about it every time they fill a prescription.

Upload Document System

• It's never been easier to upload patients’ documents. With the mobile app, patients can upload a pictures or files to store their paperwork, no matter where they are.

Refill Medication Reminders

• Patients can refill their prescriptions in just a few clicks. With Refill Reminders, patients manage and monitor prescriptions' orders so they don't have to worry about running out and not getting them refilled on time.

Order Tracking System

• Patients Keep tabs on their order by tracking it with a searchable system. Patients always know where their orders are, and when they will be delivered.

Live Chat

• We know that not everyone has time to come into the pharmacy. That's why the application offers online live chat with a pharmacists! Patients can talk with one of the staff, who have vast experience in the field of pharmaceutics and can answer any questions they might have, while being at home or work.

Notification System

• No matter where patients are, the application will send them notifications about what medications they should take. With PK+ systems, it's easy for patients to select how to be notified about their medication

Pharmacy Dashboard

• PK+ MyPharmacyApp is an easy-to-use and have fully customizable dashboard for helping your staff manage and fill medication orders. Select from over all medications you carry, customize your store's look & feel with a few clicks, and you're ready to go!

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