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Canadian Pharmacies Have Access to New Automation Equipment and Software to Improve Patient Safety and Adherence

Genoa City, Wisconsin— April 22, 2024 — Canadian pharmacies serving the hospital, retail, and long-term care markets now have access to next-generation pharmacy automation technology to increase the reliability, efficiency, and safety of medication management. This includes adherence pouch packaging and inspection systems and front-loading semi-automated vial filling machines. Today’s pharmacy automation technologies help pharmacies streamline pharmacy operations, enhance patient care, and improve medication adherence and safety.

Well-known Canadian pharmacy and medical supply provider Healthmark Services Ltd., a division of RICHARDS Packaging Inc., is partnering with JFCRx as the exclusive supplier of adherence pouch packaging, inspection, and semi-automated vial filling pharmacy automation equipment. While the JFCRx name may be new to the Canadian market, JFCRx’s Duane Chudy and his team of industry veterans have a long-standing relationship with Healthmark Services Ltd. Both Healthmark Services Ltd. and JFCRx are known for excellence in customer service and consistently surpassing customer expectations.

“We are thrilled to once again be working with the founders of JFCRx. Their leadership team is comprised of the most innovative, dynamic, and respected leaders in the industry,” said Michael Bussiere, Senior Vice President, Healthmark Services Ltd. “This new suite of products has been customized to meet the needs of Canadian pharmacies, and we look forward to providing them to our client base.”

As Healthmark Services Ltd.’s exclusive equipment supplier for adherence pouch packaging, inspection, and vial-filling, JFCRx will provide comprehensive automation technology via its equipment and software support. JFCRx’s mission is to deliver “analytics-driven automation” so pharmacies can use real-time systems intelligence to make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency and profitability. JFCRx’s scalable solutions available through Healthmark Services Ltd. include:

• TruPak™ combines innovative hardware and software to deliver efficient and accurate automated tablet pouch packaging. With RFID smart canister technology, on-the-fly canister replenishment during dispensing, customizable pouch sizes, and printing capabilities, the TruPak delivers labor savings and improves safety.

 TruCheck™ works with TruPak to provide efficient and accurate inspection, verification, and storage. This minimizes timely manual inspections and verifies accuracy.

 TruScript™ offers semi-automated vial filling with front-loading access that allows pharmacy staff to load vials conveniently without complicated maneuvers or moving parts and is available in flexible arrangements for any size pharmacy operation.

“As pharmacies across Canada focus on finding more innovative and effective ways to drive efficiency and automation, we are excited to partner with Healthmark Services Ltd. to bring our analytics-based automation offering to the market,” said JFCRx Chairman Duane Chudy. “Healthmark’s 30+ year leadership position in the Canadian healthcare community will be critical for our two organizations to help pharmacy customers not only ‘do more with less’ but to increase accuracy and patient safety as well.”

For more information about JFCRx, please visit

About JFCRx

JFCRx ( is a pharmacy automation partner that offers a full suite of complementary pharmacy automation solutions: leading-edge equipment and software, business process improvement intelligence, comprehensive analytics, and superior customer service. Led by an experienced team of pharmacy industry veterans, JFCRx leverages real-world data to help pharmacy operations become more efficient, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs through “analytics-driven automation.” More than a vendor of automation solutions, JFCRx is a technology solutions partner that provides the tools pharmacies need to be successful. 

About Healthmark Services Ltd.

Healthmark Services Ltd. ( has offered medical and pharmacy solutions to the Canadian healthcare market since 1990. The company has developed an excellent reputation for providing innovative pharmacy and IV products, as well as systems that offer cost-effectiveness, production efficiency, safety, and ease of use. This reputation has been built on a comprehensive line of products addressing pharmacies’ (including Hospital, Oncology Centres, Retail, Long Term Care, Home Infusion, Compounding and Corrections) needs for unit dose packaging and dispensing as well as intravenous and chemotherapy drug preparation.

This has expanded over the years to include automated systems for inventory management, vial filling/pill counting, will-call retrieval, packaging verification, and much more. For more information, visit or call 1-800-665-5492.

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