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The Leader in Pharmacy Reimbursement and Business Analytics Solutions

The Leader in Pharmacy Reimbursement and Business Analytics Solutions

Net-Rx™, an MHA Solution, is a leading provider of pharmacy reimbursement solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of services that help pharmacies increase operational efficiency, protect revenue, and maximize profitability. Our interlocking suite of services include reconciliation services, claims editing, advanced business analytics, contract verification, reimbursement verification, and prescription pricing tools. Our suite of reimbursement and business analytic solutions has five modules. Contract Assure, EditRx, and RecRx (including a new Accounts Receivable tool) focus on helping pharmacies find inaccuracies in billing and reimbursements. Price-It Rx helps pharmacies improve profitability with customized, market-driven pricing. Metric-Rx™ provides pharmacies with actionable business analytics represented in user-friendly graphs and charts that help them identify trends, benchmark performance, and make informed business decisions. Net-Rx has specialized in providing pharmacies with pharmacy-specific reimbursement solutions for more than 15 years and is committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers, partners, and associates.



2300 E 3rd Loop, Suite 200 

Vancouver, WA 98661 

TOLL-FREE: 866-336-3879

FAX: 360-567-0394


TOLL-FREE: 866-336-3879

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