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Quality USP <797> Products Resource

Quality USP <797> Products Resource

For over 37 years, Hardy Diagnostics has been a trusted manufacturer of culture media. Our ISO 13485 GMP media manufacturing facilities set us apart, giving us the ability to provide quality products directly to your facility. Our staff includes a technical support team of microbiologists and a full-time Product Manager for USP <797> affairs. As USP <797> compliance specialists in microbiology, we see our role as assisting our pharmaceutical lab partners in their most important mission: to ensure a safe end-product for patients. Hardy Diagnostics offers compliance solutions for: media-fill challenge tests, environmental monitoring, microbial air sampling, and sterility testing. Ask where your media is coming from. Quality culture media goes hand in hand with patient safety, care, and viability of your business.


Hardy Diagnostics

1430 West McCoy Lane

Santa Maria, CA 93455

PHONE: 805-346-2766

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