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Automating the Pharmacy Workload – and adding Efficiency — with PrimeRx

Pharmacists are busy people. So busy, in fact, that the most recent Pharmacist Workforce Survey— released in 2023 by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy — found that 81% of independent pharmacists said they regularly spend non-working hours completing work-related tasks. Additionally, 65% of chain pharmacists strongly agreed that their work setting would benefit from regulations limiting pharmacist workload.

If the situation wasn’t bleak enough, pharmacists are set to become even busier, namely by becoming more integral to value-based patient care. The good news is that relief may be just a few keystrokes away. Many features of the PrimeRx pharmacy technology system are designed to automate administrative tasks and improve efficiency, allowing pharmacists to recapture critically-needed time. 

Most pharmacists are likely quite familiar with core PrimeRx features like patient records management, dispensing, inventory, billing, and point-of-sale. However, busy users often lack full visibility into the pharmacy automation system’s capabilities. As a result, pharmacies don’t take full advantage of PrimeRx features and may be missing out on opportunities to improve operations. Read more >

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