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Leading … Shaping … Impacting … the GPO Industry Since 1991

Leading … Shaping … Impacting … the GPO Industry Since 1991

As a national GPO (member representation of $9 billion+), PDM provides group purchasing, supply chain management, business development, education, marketing, and advertising to the healthcare industry. The first to consistently serve all classes of trade in the pharmacy industry, including hospital, compounding, specialty, LTC, hospice, mail-order, and retail pharmacy, PDM has carved a niche for itself in successfully filling the needs of emerging markets! For over 25 years, PDM has built a comprehensive group purchasing contract portfolio for members. Members achieve significant savings with PDM in terms of expenditures and operational efficiency. PDM integrates the critical functions of purchasing management to provide a complete solution for members, including product sourcing, price negotiations, budget analysis, bench-marking, and growth projections. Our focus is on members’ specific needs customized to product selection and acquisition, distribution models, and wholesaler relations. Members are able to seamlessly integrate the significant savings available via PDM’s GPO contract portfolio into their existing purchasing protocol with no disruption to their business. We are dedicated 24/7/365 to providing members rapid responses and solutions, enabling members to spend more time on their most important mission of patient care.


PDM Healthcare

24700 Center Ridge Road

Suite 110

Cleveland, OH 44145

PHONE: 440-871-1721

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