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Hands-On Accreditation Support for Pharmacies Nationwide

Hands-On Accreditation Support for Pharmacies Nationwide

Innovatix, the nation’s leading non-acute care GPO, has a longstanding commitment to helping pharmacies provide the best service at the lowest cost while maximizing reimbursements. We understand that third-party accreditation has become increasingly important to PBMs and other payers for verifying quality and patient safety, and can impact a pharmacy’s reimbursement rates. The Innovatix Accreditation Advisory Services program is designed to support pharmacies in achieving recognition from various accrediting bodies. We offer pharmacies three levels of support to streamline initial accreditation submissions and renewals. In a level 1 engagement, we review your pharmacy’s standards and processes against accreditation measures and help polish your application prior to submission to the accrediting body. A Level 2 engagement is more hands-on, with Innovatix experts helping your staff create the required standards and processes through a series of weekly calls and monthly on-site meetings. Level 3 offers the most comprehensive support through a full-time consultant who prepares your pharmacy’s accreditation submission from start to finish. We also provide mock reviews so your pharmacy is fully prepared for your evaluation. Our services are priced according to an hourly fee model, based on the level of support selected.



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