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Flexible and Intuitive Products That Drive Your Pharmacy’s Success

Flexible and Intuitive Products That Drive Your Pharmacy’s Success

McKesson Pharmacy Systems delivers technology and services that empower you with tools to better care for your patients, optimize your operations, and take action on your data. In addition to three unique pharmacy management systems in McKesson’s portfolio, we offer solutions to help minimize DIR fees, manage patient care, and simplify the management of clinical programs. And, these systems and solutions all work together to help take your pharmacy to the next level. Adherence Performance Solution (APS) helps track your pharmacy’s data against payer performance criteria, such as Star Ratings, and allows you to manage interventions with patients that aren’t compliant with their medications. Improving on these measures can help significantly reduce your pharmacy’s DIR fees, increase revenue and profitability, and improve patient outcomes. Clinical Program Solutions (CPS) helps you manage patient care through clinical programs available on the market, including our APS, and your own customized settings. Alerts appear and allow you to take action on clinical programs directly within the workflow of your pharmacy management system. McKesson Pharmacy System’s suite of products provide time savings, reduced costs, and increased profits. Are you experiencing all three? If not, call for a free consultation and let us partner with you to help optimize your pharmacy’s performance.  


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