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Integral Rx is the critical link between your software system and all your pharmacy business essentials. We are here to anticipate your needs and support your daily operations with a wide range of pharmacy management solutions. We offer both custom-printed and stock products, all 100% guaranteed and available online 24/7. Stock products include a full range of prescription labels, long-term care forms, medication cards, vials, ovals, and pharmacy bags. We also offer a complete line of point-of-sale products, along with Lexmark OEM and reconditioned toners. Custom-printed options include labels, forms, bags, and medication cards. Automated dispensing system products are also available. At Integral Rx, our customer service is second to none. We’re eager to support and assist you in designing solutions for your business, including off-site storage and reorder assistance. Plus, we'll continue to add to our inventory based on what you need. Simply put, we’re here to streamline your path to success — to be an integral part of your operation. Call or email today.


Integral Rx

P.O. Box 1779

Spartanburg, SC 29304

TOLL-FREE: 844-345-3480

FAX: 864-574-1315

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