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The “Better Way” for Your Patients and Your Pharmacy

The “Better Way” for Your Patients and Your Pharmacy

Based in Louisiana, Manchac Technologies developed the DOSIS suite of products to improve pharmacy efficiency and accuracy. Manchac is a local word meaning “better way," and we have built our company around the mission of providing better solutions and even better service to pharmacies. We are proud of the difference we have made over the past decade in the hundreds of pharmacies with which we have partnered. The DOSIS products each focus on three main objectives: 1) reducing the opportunities for pharmacy errors, 2) reducing disorder in the pharmacy by providing automated, predictable, and repeatable processes, and 3) lowering operating costs by eliminating non-value- added activities for the pharmacy staff. All of the DOSIS products are driven by our powerful, highly-configurable software interface. Filling and printing activities can be routed, prioritized, and configured based on any data received from the pharmacy management software. For example, fill patterns (calendar, split-cards, etc.) and label templates can be adapted for different customer facilities or prescription types. DOSIS systems integrate seamlessly to help pharmacies complete daily and cycle prescriptions as well as pre-pack, first dose, and e-kit stock.


Manchac Technologies

1115 Second Street

Alexandria, LA 71301



PHONE: 318-442-3686

FAX: 318-445-1268

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