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Your Low-Cost, Quality Solution to Unit Dose Packaging

Your Low-Cost, Quality Solution to Unit Dose Packaging

For more than 40 years, Euclid® Medical Products has been a trusted partner for hospital pharmacies, long-term care facilities, and third-party repackagers seeking high-quality, efficient unit dose packaging and barcoding systems. And there’s a reason Euclid unit dose packaging systems are relied on by pharmacies all over the globe. With customizable software offering linear and 2D barcoding capabilities, fade-resistant thermal transfer printing, and machines producing up to 120 units per minute, we are committed to helping you reduce costs and improve your overall operational efficiency. We offer our machines at one price with no hidden charges and boast the lowest cost per package in the industry. By manufacturing our own equipment, we provide superior products built to last for more than 20 years with updated features needed in today’s marketplace. Euclid is an industry leader that ensures patient safety by providing exceptional products and value to our customers. Visit our site and request a quote to see “The Euclid® Difference” for yourself.


Euclid® Medical Products

339 Mill Street

Apple Creek, OH 44606

TOLL-FREE: 800-727-2543

FAX: 330-698-1254

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