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Pharmacy Will-Call Solutions for Retail and Outpatient Pharmacies

Pharmacy Will-Call Solutions for Retail and Outpatient Pharmacies

DeliverRx™ provides precise prescription deliveries to every patient, every time. This system is designed to eliminate the frustration of searching through alphabetically stored bags. DeliverRx puts prescriptions ready for pickup in easy-to-find locations and includes return-to-stock reporting, with user-defined number of days, at a touch of a button. This system is configurable for any pharmacy layout, including wall unit, under-counter drawer system, and/or corner carousel with ability to store bulk and refrigerated items. Customize any pharmacy, of any size, by using DeliverRx bags and bulk shelving. 



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Powers Lake, WI 53159

PHONE: 262-279-5307

FAX: 262-279-5360

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