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Your Silent Partner in Success

Your Silent Partner in Success

Yuyama specializes in medical and pharmaceutical automation. It is the largest pharmacy automation company worldwide, and the first company to introduce an automated prescription filling machine to the market. Yuyama started its USA division in 1996 and now has over 2,200+ machines in the U.S. market. Since our inception, we continue to grow. Innovation drives our growth, and our solutions have proven to be exceptionally reliable, user-friendly, and safe. To improve your pharmacies productivity and safety,  discover the new Fully Automatic Vial Filling Machine “EV-180UC” by Yuyama. The EV-180UC “Universal” is the newest generation of vial filling robotics from Yuyama. The EV-180UC fills more than 50% of the daily script volume, saving you time to increase your customer satisfaction. The Universal Canister is the solution for generic medications. The canister enables users to dispense various medications after calibration. It means that pharmacists no longer need to order the additional canisters for sudden brand-generic changes. By automating 180 of your fastest-moving oral solid medications, the EV-180UC accurately fills and labels 500+ prescriptions or more per day, or 50% of countable oral solid volume.


Byron Furdge
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Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
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