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Ananda Professional proudly offers the first fully compliant and legal full-spectrum, hemp extract product line created specifically for the needs of independent pharmacies. Our products are legal in all states, available only at independent pharmacies, are non-psychoactive, and contain <0.3% THC. We uniquely control every step in the process from seed genetics, to manufacturing full-spectrum hemp extract, to distribution to your pharmacy. A quality CBD manufacturer must be able to provide you with their Certificate of Analysis. It's important to see what is (and isn't) in your product. Active cannabinoids are what you are paying for. Many products promote their hemp oil content. We show you our active cannabinoid content to ensure customers know what they are paying for. Our full-time Medical Director, Alex Capano, is the first person to receive a PhD in Cannabinoid Therapy. Customers have complete access to Dr. Capano to ask clinical questions. We also provide a total pharmacy in-service which ensures education on CBD and commercial success. With 100% markups – $40 profit per patient per month, and a 90-day money back guarantee, Ananda Professional supports you clinically and commercially. 


Ananda Professional 

Victoria Preston

10456 Bluegrass Parkway

Louisville, KY 40299

TOLL-FREE: 888-388-1119

PHONE: 502-609-4515

FAX: 859-569-4135

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