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Third Party Management System for Improved Financial Health

Third Party Management System for Improved Financial Health

ScriptPro’s Third Party Management System (TPMS) provides real-time visibility along with real accountability. Designed for both retail and ambulatory pharmacy settings, TPMS manages revenues and accounts receivable and provides analytical and financial information for pharmacies operating in the complex healthcare marketplace. TPMS oversees all aspects of third-party contracts, third party insurance, and private-pay billings, plus facilitates timely and accurate collection of third-party prescription reimbursements, including 340B. TPMS isolates and reports on various fees charged by PBMs including Adjudication fees, DIR fees, Network Access fees, and Audit Recoups. It offers multi-dimensional benefits to our customers, giving greater insight into and control over their pharmacy’s operations. TPMS is comprised of the following modules: administration, carrier management, store management, billing, payment, reports, cash, and 340B.



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