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Your Small Friend Indeed

Your Small Friend Indeed

Health Care Logistics offers a variety of ready-to-use, USP <797>-friendly sterile cleaning products to kill bacteria and maintain a clean medical environment free of contaminants and debris. This series of powerful sanitizers and disinfectants includes sprays, wipes, and polish individually bagged and ready for immediate introduction into the controlled area. Premixed concentrations are formulated with sterile Water For Injection (WFI), sterilized and filtered to eliminate any trace of particulate matter inside the container. Two-part SimpleMix solutions measure and mix the appropriate amount of concentrate at the time of use to guarantee a fresh, full-strength solution every time. In addition, our Sterile Cleanroom Wipes are great for cleaning lab equipment and medical instruments in areas where bacteria, particulate and extractable levels are critical concerns. Our cleaning tools and supplies can help you achieve quick, effective cleaning and disinfecting in critical areas while Infection Control Mats remove dirt, dust, and lint on contact from shoes, making it easier than ever to comply with USP <797> mandates.


Health Care Logistics

450 W Town Street

Circleville, OH 43113

TOLL-FREE: 800-848-1633

FAX: 800-447-2923

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