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Kristi Fritch - Pharmacy Future Leaders

Joanne Pauyo, Pharmacy Future Leaders host, interviews Kristi Fritch, a pharmacy student from Belmont University School of Pharmacy. 


Kristi Fritch, founder of Take Heart Health, has been passionate about nutrition and fitness since she was young. While she was learning to manage money in Monopoly, she was also learning how to manage calories and count points. Needless to say, this strict mentality eventually took a toll on her mindset towards food and exercise. For many years, Kristi struggled with a negative relationship with food and tried every diet and exercise program under the sun. After several years of striving to be “skinny” enough, God began to wreck her negative mentality and renew her motivation for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

In May of 2015, she graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Nutritional Sciences and a minor in Business Administration. Shortly after, she began a Beachbody challenge group and learned how to invite the Lord into her health and fitness goals. She finally understood that because of her relationship with Christ, she’s already viewed as more than enough. No number on a scale, calories consumed, or inches around her waist can define her worth. Ultimately, Kristi has learned that her pursuit of health and fitness is about strengthening her mind, body and soul.

In the beginning of 2016, Kristi decided to help others experience this freedom through her business/ministry, Take Heart Health. Each month, she hosts Fitness Accountability Groups and is always available for individual consults. This Fall, she will begin Pharmacy school in Nashville where she will continue to help others build a balanced lifestyle through strength, support and scripture!

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